ask-a-deviljho said: I could get you some :3

i dont need some dumb white boy buying me video games ! 

video games are happening faster than i can make money im sad 


baddude: “im a goddam villain i like destroyed the shit outta this world.”

naruto: yeah but you wann be my friend?

bad dude:”no??? what the fuck??? im tryina destroy the world???”

*naruto beats the shit outta the villain*

naruto: yeah now you wanna be my bffl???

bad dude: “o…ok… i guess…”

♪*WE ARE FIGHTING DREAMER!! 日本のものの束は、私が日本を行う方法自演はありません!!!!!*♫♬


This was a real Metal Gear Rising commercial

my dad is a disgusting human being who lives only to fuel his addictions to alcohol and gambling

my dad is the only adult I know that has a full time job and is always pestering me for money


(by Didjeridoo_tom)